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Underground Pipe Network Dredge Vehicle

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Famous Chassis, Excellent Power

It adopts the domestic famous-brand chassis, and features excellent power, fuel economy and good   operational stability.

Standard Emission, Energy Conservation, Emission Reduction

The engine emission reaches the national IV standard.

Strong Function and Adaptability

The vehicle is designed and manufactured based on the domestic complex pipe network and surrounding operational environment, and integrates high pressure washing, pipeline dredging, sewage suction and discharge prevention. It can be used for suction of solid materials such as sewage, stone and brick. Meanwhile, it can be applied to waste suction, dredging, washing, discharge prevention, transportation and dismounting as well as dredging of small river channels in rescue and relief work and petrochemical industry as the rapid and efficient dredging and emergency equipment.

By virtue of the strong sewage recirculation system, the suction-type sewage truck can save more than 80% of water, obviously promote the efficiency of continuous operation, and effectively reduce exhaust emission.

Low Cost and High Cost Performance

The cost is 1/3 of the imported vehicle. The maintenance cost is about 1/10 of the imported vehicle of the same kind. The procurement cycle is 2/3 shorter than the imported vehicle.

Efficient Operation, Outstanding Performance

It only spends 2 minutes on suction due to high suction ratio. The rotary suspension arm on the top of the tank can flexibly rotate left and right, go up and down, and realize multi-point free suction. It features long suction distance, high suction stroke, more than 50m of horizontal distance, and over 9m of vertical stroke. The suction stroke is more than 14m due to the special device. The operational efficiency is more than two times that of the domestic single suction vehicle.

Structural Arrangement, Scientific and Reasonable

It features compact structure and the shortest wheel base, and is more suitable for operation on the narrow road. As the first of its kind, the transfer case is in the middle of chassis, and the vacuum pump and high pressure water pump are at the two sides of the frame.

Intelligent Control, Multi-protection

It features the hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic control, automatic multi-protection device, remote operation, rotary suspension arm and humanized and visual design, and effectively guarantees the personal safety of operators.


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