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  • Product name: Joint Suction-type Sewage Truck
  • Product number: r001
  • On time: 2014-07-03
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Energy saving, environmental protection, low noise
The use of advanced country Ⅳ Cummins engine, reduce emissions, noise pollution conditions. Vacuum sewage suction operation can be prefabricated in advance, sewage suction operation is completed within 5 minutes. Workplace and transportation rarely spill odor, while maintaining a high-pressure flushing vehicle and ground clean.
High efficiency, high suction rate
The implementation of dredge operations, 60 meters long underground pipeline to dredge cleared within five minutes. The implementation of sewage suction operations, a smoke filled the whole tank just two minutes; volume of the largest tank, the effective volume of 8.5 square. Pumping distance, high suction, suction horizontal distance of up to 50m or more, vertical suction lift up to 6m above, with a special device my company, vertical suction lift up to 20 meters.
Intelligence, visualization
Using liquid, electricity, gas control, multiple automatic protection devices; remotely operated rotating boom; humanity, visual design, effectively protect the personal safety of the operator.
Strong work adaptability
Strong domestic network and surrounding complex operating environment adaptability, pumping sludge, but also to draw stones, bricks and other solid materials; available for disaster relief, gas and petrochemical industries and other special material suction dredge, cleaning, anti-row, transport, uninstall and so on.
Achieve long-distance remote control operation
Transmission can be realized only once engaging high pressure to clear, vacuum suction, discharge pressure switch freely between functions or features, without frequent up and down the cab gearbox and transfer case engagement, enabling long-distance remote control operation.
Acquisition cost is about the same configuration of imported cars 1/3; late maintenance costs only similar imported foreign cars 1/10; from procurement to put to use than imported cars eliminating nearly 2/3 of the time.