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  • Product name: Mobile Lavatory
  • Product number: q001
  • On time: 2014-07-03
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Compact design, stylish atmosphere
Stylish atmosphere, luxurious and elegant interior.
Powerful, clean and efficient
Energy efficient, clean, flexible.
Large capacity, smart environmental
Aircraft, high-speed rail has the same toilet sewage effect.
Foam block style bathroom
Use foam instead of the foam mixture to produce toilet flush, compared with ordinary water, flush toilets, water-saving rate of 98%. Run foam pots, no sight, smell pollution.
Biodegradation of lavatories
Efficient use of fecal microbial contamination ecological degradation process into a non-toxic, odorless organic fertilizer; while urinating deodorize, reached after the decomposition of water standards. Efficient microbial decomposition thorough, fast no smell, no secondary pollution.  
Vacuum suction-type toilet
The use of vacuum suction fecal contamination, the stool will be sucked into the collection box, using vacuum suction, clogging pipes, the smell does not leak, there is no impact on the external environment.
Vehicle layout