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  • Product name: High Pressure Cleaning Truck
  • Product number: o001
  • On time: 2014-07-03
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Famous Chassis, Excellent Power
Using domestic famous Dongfeng chassis, Ⅳ emission engines.
Full-featured for a wide range
Products applicable to urban road washing, landscaping, the air dust, nursery watering and so on. Domestic brand power using dedicated pumps, with pediment (spray), sprinkle, side spray (shower) and other functions.
Modular, optional system
Modular design, optional according to the requirement fight drugs, snow shovel, high and low level alarm, the spray system.
One electro-hydraulic gas, high efficiency
The use of advanced electro-hydraulic gas integration technology, with high cleaning efficiency, operating speed, low power consumption, high reliability and easy maintenance features.
Mobile station, self-absorption since the row
Equipped with a suction tube, gravity valve, self-absorption from the row, you can use as a mobile pumping station.
Fully equipped, fire applications
Equipped with fire interface that can be used for emergency fire.