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Career Development and Training

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       ●Career Development:

  Based on development strategy, our company carries out talent concept of “Respect Staff, Develop Staff, Cultivate Staff”, and meets career development needs of various personnel through five career development channels—management, technology, marketing, production, skilled worker. Our company also carries out qualification certification and performance assessment, and establishes the systematic and scientific talent evaluation mechanism. Meanwhile, our company sets up talent pool, implements talent team construction, establishes development platform and provides diversified growth opportunities for excellent staff.

  ●Staff Training:

  Zhongtong Group advocates the studying concept of “practice what you preach, perfect development”, and gradually establishes a lecturer system based on internal part-time lecturers and external experts as a supplement, the three-level training system—group, department/member enterprise, individual, and the complete training course system including induction training, job skills training, post competency cultivation, common management theory and staff promotion training according to post competency and career development. The types of staff training include internal training, short-term external training, on-the-job training, mid-career studies, outward bound, etc.

  ▼Training Programs:

  ◆Induction Training

  The induction training includes public knowledge training and professional knowledge and skill training. The public knowledge training lasts for two weeks and the courses include military training, new image of the ancient city, history, a visit to the four industrial platforms, enterprise honors, enterprise culture, organizational structure, functions, product introduction, staff code of conduct, role change, staff career development, safety education, etc. The professional training courses are set up according to post needs.

  ◆On-the-job Training and Mid-career Studies

  Zhongtong Group cooperates with Chang’an University, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Shandong University and Shandong University of Technology, and sets up “Engineering Master’s Program” and “Management Master’s Program” customized according to technology R&D and management demands. Now Zhongtong Group has successfully organized training classes for three terms and cultivated more than 120 students.

  ◆Promotion Training

  The promotion training is provided for the staff to be promoted and candidates, and aims to help them to reach the requirements of the higher level post. The course content is designed based on the requirements of post competency. By means of promotion training, the trainees can reach job requirements at the most economic time, and the best candidates are available for vacancy. The training is divided into before and after induction.

  ◆Outward Bound

  The outward bound is beneficial to mental exercise and inspiring potential, and is different from knowledge and skill learning. By means of the specific mode of activity, the staff can get to know their potential, overcome psychological barriers, enhance the perseverance in overcoming difficulties, increase self-confidence, inspire imagination and creativity, promote the ability of solving problems, recognize the function of the team, strengthen responsibility, improve interpersonal relationship, and cooperate with the team more harmoniously. Our company organizes management backbones and excellent staff to participate in the outward bound for 1-2 times every time so that they can challenge the higher objective with better mentality.

  ◆Technician Training and Skill Competition

  Zhongtong Group organizes a certain proportion of skilled workers to participate in the technical training, and regularly holds labor skill competition. The participants with outstanding results in the group, municipal and provincial labor skill competition can be awarded by the company and included into the talent pool, and will be cultivated as technical backbone and core technical talents.

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Career Development and Training